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Our Goals

  1. To ensure that each Virtual Traveler has a 100% successful experience in traveling virtually through this website. Think of it this way - we want to make using this website as easy as using an appliance. If needed, we are planning to build a team of FREETOGO Helpers just in case anyone needs assistance.                                                                                                                                   

  2. To continue to operate this website as a Not For Profit entity. Free is in our name for a reason. We want this resource to remain accessible to everyone!                                                                                                            

  3. To engage the FREETOGO community in the continual improvement of the website. This website is clearly meant to be a cooperative effort that will benefit everyone.                             

  4. To keep the website manageable for everyone by:

- employing a goldilocks strategy in deciding upon the number of videos to present (not too many, and not too few, but just the right amount of videos).

- eventually weeding the list of tours regularly by archiving the less appealing ones (based on a history of low viewership and/or rating.)  Members will always be able to access archived tours if they have either saved or marked them to watch later.                           

   5. To get this website taken on by professionals. If you have any information on this thought, please select the button below.

...Some features that can be added to make this website more appealing. (Of course, this can only be done if funding is provided or a capable organization takes ownership of the tasks.):


  • Provide the ability for virtual travelers to immediately buy souvenirs (for themselves or others) as they travel.

  • Connect up with Virtual Travel guides, either through commercial Virtual Travel Guide companies or personal guides (friends or family that are traveling who wear a small video camera, like a GoPro).

  • Provide an option whereby travelers can be presented related media (videos, podcasts, written stories) just after viewing some other media,

  • Create a rating system for tours (1-5 stars) so that travelers can help each other find the best destinations,

  • Allow travelers who become members to:

    • set general search preferences for themselves,

    • create a personal watch list, 

    • mark tours they have already watched,

    • save archived tours.


We intend to add additional sites (and, possibly, entire collections) as time goes by.


If you have any suggestions/requests for additional features or content, please contact us at freetogosuggestions@gmail.com.

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