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Updated: Mar 22

Being of Irish descent, I felt compelled to make this special blog post. (FYI, I will still be sharing my monthly blog post this weekend.)

As with all holidays, I look to find outstanding videos that highlight the holiday’s celebrations. If the videos are travel-related, all the better.

I found a number of videos for your viewing pleasure. It took more time than usual to choose these videos. As, well I was a little surprised to not find more to review.

However, in thinking it through, I am going to guess the reason for this. One major aspect of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is that people like to ‘tip a few pints.’ So, I am going to blame the lack of videos on the fact that no one wanted to produce a video where the camera is swaying back and forth. :->

For the next couple of weeks, you can find these videos in a new category that I have created called Current Holiday & Season Showcase. You can then find these videos in the category Archive Of Holiday & Season Showcase.


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