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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Happy New Year! Welcome to this month’s FREETOGO blog post.

I was listening to the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” earlier today. From where I live, I thought this statement was right on the money. Then, I happened to see the following cold weather videos. Boy, was I mistaken.

1) Let’s put things into perspective. The first site can be found in the Geographical – all else category. Hmmm…after seeing this video, maybe it’s not so cold outside.

YAKUTSK / YAKUTIA - the COLDEST CITY in the World (-71°C, -96°F)

You might have heard that Minnesota, Michigan, or North Dakota are very cold in the Winter. But Yakutsk is a whole another story. This is not Alaska, either. Bundle up (ha!) and check out the video.

2) Next, These videos can be accessed below or in the Annual Events category.

Milwaukee's 2015 Polar Bear Plunge

In 2015, several hundred revelers and brave souls flocked to Bradford Beach on Milwaukee's lakefront to start off the new year with a quick dip in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan.

Annual polar bear plunge events actually happen all over the world. This particular video just appeared to be the nicest produced video on the subject.

I am especially including this video so you can feel more comfortable in that you are NOT participating in one of these, let’s just say, unusual events.

3) Lastly, time to head south. Then let’s keep heading south to a continent rarely visited by anyone. In that the video is produced by National Geographic, it gives you an incredible tour of Antarctica. This video can be found in the Geographical – all else category.

,Antarctica - National Geographic Explorer - Nov 29th 2016

Enjoy your trip to where it is bitterly cold – all while staying warm and cozy as you watch the video!


I invite you to check out the above videos and the many others curated for this website.

Also, be sure to see all of the many ways people are using FREETOGO at the bottom of the ‘Travel Now’ page.

Most importantly, help to improve the quality of life of everyone. Please share this website far and wide, especially with anyone unable to travel freely. Sign up as a member, leave a testimonial, and visit the website regularly!

Get creative and have some fun traveling virtually. I look forward to the day when the phrase Virtual Travel will be as commonplace as the term travel.

Thank you.

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