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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Welcome to this special FREETOGO blog post. (Alert! I will be sending out one more special blog post this coming Saturday.)

For everyone who celebrated the United States’ Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope you had a wonderful time.

Even if you didn’t celebrate this holiday, I think it is important to focus on some of the thoughts associated with the holiday. For this special blog post, I have chosen the themes ‘Thanks’ and ‘Giving.’

Then, I’d like to introduce a few highly-rated travel blogs. For now, I will only list them in this blog post because I am unsure that travel blogs currently “fit the mold” of FREETOGO’s ‘Travel Now’ page.


· Thank you to everyone who has become a member of FREETOGO!

(If you haven’t become a member already, please go to one of the main pages and sign up as a member now. Signing up as a member is a very easy, non-invasive process. Becoming a member will ensure that you always receive updates on FREETOGO.)

· Thank you to everyone who uses FREETOGO!

The statistics and analytics reports I receive daily clearly show that FREETOGO is being used on a regular basis in many locations around the world. This is great in that as FREETOGO gets more popular, the primary target audience (those unable to travel freely) will be able to take advantage of its wonderful benefits.

· Thank you to everyone for sharing the site with others!

Again, as FREETOGO gets more well-known, the primary target audience (those unable to travel freely) will be able to take advantage of its wonderful benefits.



If you were unable to travel freely, think how you would feel if someone shared FREETOGO with you! Invite others (people in nursing homes, advanced care facilities, hospitals, family, friends, neighbors, fellow club members, etc., etc.) to join you as you travel virtually to any number of amazing sites around the world.


A travel blog is simply a blog where the entire focus is on the world of travel. I think that the most interesting ones are where people share their experiences as they travel the world.

Here are some of the most highly-rated travel blogs:

Dan Flying Solo [ https://www.danflyingsolo.com/ ]

Anywhere We Roam [ https://anywhereweroam.com/ ]

The Travel Episodes [ http://en.travelepisodes.com/ ]

Nomad Revelations [ https://www.joaoleitao.com/ ]


I invite you to check out the above videos and the many others curated for this website.

Also, be sure to see all of the many ways people are using FREETOGO at the bottom of the ‘Travel Now’ page.

Most importantly, help to improve the quality of life of everyone. Please share this website far and wide, especially with anyone unable to travel freely. Sign up as a member, leave a testimonial, and visit the website regularly!

Get creative and have some fun traveling virtually. I look forward to the day when the term Virtual Travel will be as commonplace as the term travel.

Thank you.

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