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Welcome to this month’s FREETOGO blog post.

Here is an update on YouTube’s new video ads.


Great news for YouTube viewers! They've made a positive change to their ad policy, making most of their video ads disappear within one to two seconds or become skippable within four seconds. As a result, I've decided to revert back to only having the original Travel Now page.


Let’s move on to this month's recommended videos. I have selected videos using the theme, Top 10 Worldwide.


1)     First, we have a treat for all nature lovers in the Topics - Gardens category. Get ready to be transported to some of the most stunning gardens in the world.

Curious about the most stunning gardens across the globe? Our first video, 10 Most Beautiful Gardens In The World, is a visual treat you don't want to miss.

“Listen as the narrator does a magnificent job telling stories about each of these gardens. (By the way, a few of the top ten gardens seen in this video are featured in their own video found in FREETOGO's Gardens category.)”


2)     Next, check out the Topics – Zoos & Aquariums category.


Be amazed as you view the 10 MOST STUNNING ZOOS IN THE WORLD!

“In today’s world, where we’re so removed from nature, zoos are excellent reminders of just how diverse life is. For a lifetime experience, our video today features 10 of the best zoos worldwide. #10 Barcelona Zoo, Spain - 0:30 #9 Basel Zoological Garden, Switzerland - 1:34 #8 Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium, USA - 3:00 #7 Taronga Zoo Sydney, Australia - 5:03 #6 National Zoological Gardens Of South Africa, South Africa - 6:02 #5 United Arab Emirates - 6:56 #4 Singapore Zoo, Singapore - 8:00 #3 London Zoo, United Kingdom - 9:12 #2 Orana Wildlife Park, New Zealand - 10:53 #1 Wellington Zoo, New Zealand - 11:54”

3)     Lastly, look in the Locations – Worldwide category.


Enjoy being mesmerized by the video 10 Most Colorful Cities in the World.

“If you're looking for somewhere to brighten your day, look no further than these colorful cities. Whether hidden among mountains, lying alongside the sea, or on an island in a lagoon, these brightly-colored cities are as photogenic and picturesque as they come. Freshly painted or fading from the passing of the centuries, these cities certainly count among the most colorful in the world.”




Note: FREETOGO is entirely free. Also, there are no ads on the site to interrupt your visit. However, that is not true for many videos because YouTube hosts them. They are free to watch but have ads. Yet, if you wish, you can eliminate the ads by paying to become a premium member of YouTube.


You can access YouTube’s Premium Membership signup here:




I invite you to check out the above videos and the many others curated for this website.

Also, see all the many ways people use FREETOGO at the bottom of the Travel Now page.

Most importantly, please help improve everyone’s quality of life by sharing this website far and wide, especially with anyone unable to travel freely. Ask everyone to sign up as a member, leave a testimonial, and visit the website regularly!

Get creative and have some fun traveling virtually. I look forward to the day when the term Virtual Travel will be as commonplace as the term travel.


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