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Welcome to this month’s FREETOGO blog post.

This month, I’ll direct you to numerous interesting videos.  They can all be found in categories in the Topics section on the Travel Now page.


1)      First, look at the Topics – Cruises category. Enjoy all fourteen videos in this category!


                The video to focus on first? Alaska Cruise


“7 days in Alaska visiting Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan, on board the Discovery Princess with Princess Cruises. In this video, I sample pretty much everything you can whilst at sea - the all-inclusive food, cocktails, balcony breakfasts with the Hubbard Glacier as a view, immersive dining experience – 360: An Extraordinary Experience, live theatre and get the most out of the Medallion Class which lets you order food and drink to anywhere on the ship, find your friends on board and book any of the hundreds of activities on board.”


2)      Next, look at the Topics - Special and Unique category. Enjoy the other 39 videos in this category!


Start with the video Antarctica | Travel Channel 2023 


“In this captivating 2023 travel vlog, join us as we delve behind the scenes of our film production, capturing the breathtaking beauty of Antarctica's icy landscapes and the enchanting creatures that call it home. Our primary mission was to document whale research, but fate had something incredible in store for us. We crossed paths with a man named Jonathan Walton, whose family history in Antarctica spans three generations. Little did we know that his stories would unveil the hidden treasures of this majestic continent and enlighten us about its rich and fascinating past. As we sail through the pristine waters, guided by the spirit of exploration, Jonathan Walton graciously opens the doors to his family's legacy. From tales of daring explorers who braved the harsh Antarctic conditions to heartwarming accounts of life on the continent, his stories paint a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs experienced by those who have called Antarctica home.”


3)      Lastly, please look at the Topics – Holiday & Season Showcase - Current category.


Here are my picks for the month:



Note: FREETOGO is entirely free. Also, there are no ads on the site to interrupt your visit. However, that is not true for many videos because YouTube hosts them. They are free to watch but have ads. Yet, if you wish, you can eliminate the ads by paying to become a premium member of YouTube.


You can access YouTube’s Premium Membership signup here:


I invite you to check out the above videos and the many others curated for this website.

Also, see all the many ways people use FREETOGO at the bottom of the Travel Now page.

Most importantly, to help improve the quality of life of everyone, please share this website far and wide, especially with anyone unable to travel freely. Sign up as a member, leave a testimonial, and visit the website regularly!

Get creative and have some fun traveling virtually. I look forward to the day when the term Virtual Travel will be as commonplace as the term travel.

Thank you.

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